Saturday, April 19, 2008

poem 19 - triumph!

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Our prompt on Writers Island this week is Triumph. My mind initially turned to a popular brand of ladies brassiere, but I dismissed the thought and changed the word to Triumphant which is a tad easier to work with! Here's the result which doubles up as today's NaPoWriMo contribution.
Slim tapering shafts of glinting steel
Not one, nor two but three missiles
ready to take flight
in pursuit of their ultimate goal

Just one man with the task
of sending them on their way
Only seconds away
from victory over their foe.

Beads of sweat glisten on his brow
All eyes focus on his hand
as he raises it aloft
Preparing himself for what he must do

The first, the second and third
are launched and seek their target
Flying toward their final destination
piercing the air with deadly accuracy

The target reached, the battle won
A triumphant crowd salutes their hero
as the battle ends
with a perfect one hundred and eighty
There's nothing like a game of darts!


  1. Yet again another excellent piece.

  2. And it can be far more serious than the missiles you allude to :-)

  3. What a nice twist ... if only all missiles could turn into darts ... enjoyed it as always!

  4. Right on target with this one !!
    Must admit that the previous one with the hot sauce did lead me to suspect this one too would be a conjuror's trick !!

  5. You got me! Triumphant indeed Kieth. ;)

  6. thankful in deed it all turned out to be a game... i would have had a hard time accepting "triumph" in the military arena.....

  7. well I'm glad you stayed away from the brassiere, then again, that would have been amusing. ;~)
    this was a worthy read indeed!

  8. I enjoyed the misdirection of the piece... well done!

  9. Keith,

    This is amusing, reminds us that we should not always take life seriously and still keep our eyes on the target. The surprises we get from the twists along the way make this life more exciting.

    We don't need to do extraordianary things like launching a missile to do great things, sometimes playing darts would do.

    I wish you well.

    ~ Jeques

  10. i agree...wonderful ending.