Sunday, April 20, 2008

poem21 - how?


How does the bluebell know
when it’s time
to peep above the soil?

How to birds know
when it’s time
to cross vast continents?

How does the sun know
when it’s time
to sink beneath the sea?

How do rainclouds know
when it’s time
for me to light my barbecue?



  1. Such wonderful questions and what a beautiful picture. I love your poem another great post cheers.

  2. how indeed!!!
    9 more days keith...u've done pretty well so far

  3. This made me laugh - we do a wildflower walk in the spring and every time we do is the one day out of 12 that's cold and rainy. Yesterday was this year's.

  4. oh beautiful Keith...loved the ending...and i wonder how the weatherman always gets it wrong!