Tuesday, February 19, 2008

This and that

I’ve built up a stock of bits and pieces in my head which I had intended posting but never got round to. So I’ve lumped them all together!


At the end of our lives
we simply die.

At the end of a caterpillar’s life
it becomes a butterfly.
My lovely friend Marja honoured me with an award. It’s over there in the sidebar. One of the reasons she gave it to me was because she felt that humour wafted through my writing.

I read about 30 of my favourite blogs each day. Blogs I enjoy by people who write in a way that appeals to me. Sometimes I comment and sometimes just read. Since contributing to several writing sites such as Writers Island and Fiction Friday I find myself reading posts by at least 100 other writers each week. And too often it’s a pretty depressing chore. It seems to me that many writers use as many obscure words and dubious phrases as possible to appear clever. Too often I sit back and say ‘what the **** was that all about?’ Invariably I only see the light after I’ve read through the comments underneath!

And poetry! There are some I really enjoy - Missy, UL , and several others. But sometimes I read a poem over and over again, and I have no idea what going on! And I never comment first in case I've missed the plot and make a total prat of myself!

Confession time. I decided to carry out an experiment. I took a word, then put it into the thesaurus. I then listed the synonyms one under the other and posted it on ThisisbyUs.com. I got rave reviews! So much so, that for days I was watching out for a letter from the Palace telling me I was to be the next Poet Lauriat!

Anyway, I decided that my blog should be a place to visit for a bit of light relief. An oasis in a desert of ‘deep and meaningful’. A cape laid over a puddle of pretentious crap. I consider my writing to be south of William Makepeace Thackeray and a little north of my dear friend and genius Morgetron! Simple words arranged in a logical order. And yes Marja, a little bit of humour!
Apple Computer announced today that it has developed a computer chip that can store and play music in women's breast implants.
The iBreast will cost $499 to $599.

This is considered to be a major breakthrough because women are always complaining about men staring at their breasts and not listening to them.
Months and months ago I posted a picture of a sign in the window of one my local shops. I’ve had several requests to dig it out again so here it is.



I have an elderly friend who told me the other day that he doesn’t let life get him down because he can’t get up again!

I’m nowhere near his age but I am noticing that my memory is not as sharp as it once was. Also my memory is not as sharp as it once was.

One advantage of reaching 100 is that you no longer have to endure peer pressure!

A final thought. There are 366 days this year.

Does that mean we get paid for working one extra day?



  1. And I'd like to associate myself with those remarks, if I may.
    Ah theng yow! lol.

  2. Brilliant, keith, absolutely brilliant!!

    #1 was lovely,
    #2 was rather alarming, but having just had a look around at some stuff that's posted, I fear that you're right,
    #3 I can almost believe this could happen one day!
    #4 well, why not?! If only it would deter a few!
    #5 I'm printing this one off for my uncle who thinks that because he's past 75, he can't do anything!
    #6 Good question. For me it just means that there's one day that i don't have to blog!!

    Great post, thanks!!

  3. This wasn't a post. It was a magazine.
    Thoroughly enjoyable, though.

  4. hilarious as usual... I esp loved the one about the poetry with all those words.. I have often felt that way too.. even after reading some stories and other posts.. I always thought I was the dense one.. after all so many have raved about it.
    When I started my creative outbursts blog.. where I share short stories and poetry, I sent an appeal.. please be honest and critical.. I write so that I can hone my skills.. but like you say many praises and no critics!!

  5. Keith, congrats on the award. Was that Dutch on your sidebar, as a thank you note? Or was it Dutch written in your English- version? :) Dumb question, I know!...but I kind of followed and interpreted it as .."Thank you for giving me this token(award)", and I never thought I would ever understand Dutch! Well, now I am in the stars!

    And hey glad you like my poetry, I sure hope I come under the "read & follow" list ;)..but then to me poetry can be interpreted in so many ways, sometimes I write it one way based on a thought process in my mind and another person interprets it totally different. And I go,"oh yeah, that could be a way to look at it too" I would love to hear the word and synonyms you used for reviews..that's quite funny :)

    I love the reality and truth expressed in your writing through humour and simplicity. It gets the point through more clearly than many other pieces..so congrats my friend,Marja chose well, you deserve the honor, enjoy it :)

  6. Interesting. I liked what you wrote about poetry and memory :)

  7. ha ha lots of laughs here. I stopped with writers island because it took so much tme, which I am short of and agree with you. I had to look up words but I thought that was because I am Dutch. Anyway may many awards come your way. Hooray

  8. ha ha lots of laughs here. I stopped with writers island because it took so much tme, which I am short of and agree with you. I had to look up words but I thought that was because I am Dutch. Anyway may many awards come your way. Hooray

  9. oh I am impressed with you dutch. (now bursting out in laughter) It is so cute that I won't change the little mistakes. Bedankt voor het nederlands.

  10. I would like to think that though we are far away in World Geography, we are only a brief walk away in the blogosphere.



  11. This is a great piece Keith.

  12. hey loved this collection of thoughts...

    #1 was really good...never thought of it that way

    #2 sigh...WI and sunday scribblings, friday fiction...i wonder how you manage to be such a master at all ...and i agree, Ul is a terrific readable poet...i love to read hers

    # 3, 4...*giggle*...

    #5..at 36, my memory has gone for a toss...:D

    #6...oh no, we can blog for an extra day though :)

    congrats for the award, keith...well- deserved...surprisingly i could read the thank you too

    your posts are funny, well written and non-pretentious... (i tried to get one big word in) ..isn't that why you have so many readers?

  13. what an hilarious post. throughly enjoyable. and yes, sometimes I too have no idea what some blogger is writing about but at least a learn something new in the process.

    thanks for your visits and comments.



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