Sunday, February 17, 2008

Sleep - 2

A thousand sparkling diamonds encrust a sky of jet. Icy particles on grass beneath my feet glisten in the eerie light of a shimmering silver moon. I should sleep. But if I did I would be deprived this secret miracle of nature.

A distant hoot of a night owl breaks the deafening silence, and a rabbit darts hither and thither on its zig-zag route. The green eyes of a fox stare straight into mine as it stands motionless, balanced on three legs. If I were asleep, the world of the night would carry on regardless. I would be unaware of it. It would be unaware of me.

Eyes heavy, legs leaden, I reluctantly wend my way to my bed. I open wide the curtains and lay looking out through frozen panes of glass to the place I’ve just discovered. It will have gone when I awake. The calm of the night replaced by the bustle of the day.

And so to sleep wishing I was a creature of the night.

Wishing, sleeping.


  1. I am a creature of the night. I am impressed you have two offerings for the sleep prompt. I just finished mine - only one!

  2. That's almost romantic this description of the night and the feel of it. Very nice Keith.

  3. See, now THAT's why I never want to go to sleep at night. Who knows what magic I might miss.

  4. What an interesting thought Keith! I love driving at night, especially in the country lanes where we live...most nights I'll see a fox or a badger or a rabbit- or even a deer.

    I have always found the nighttime very mystical. I would far rather camp out and watch for the animals than sleep!

    Always enjoy reading here- thanks!

  5. Thoughtful post! I especially liked
    'If I were asleep, the world of the night would carry on regardless. I would be unaware of it.'
    Thanks for sharing!

  6. That's the best excuse I've heard for not sleeping! Grin. Absolutely beautiful post and how true it is that we miss those enchanting hours of the night... Beautifully done!

  7. What a lovely depiction of the night. I must admit I'm a 'night' person myself and love that time when everyone's in bed and all is quiet and it's just me and the night :)

    Thanks Keith!

  8. Lovely post. I've gradually become more of a night person and love the other-worldly feel of the wee hours (though I've never seen a fox :)).

  9. Passes Keith a nice fluffy pillow some great 400 count satin sheets and a nice warm blanket. Get some sleep friend. Great piece.

  10. Keith what a beautiful and vivid description of the night.

  11. This is absolutely stunning. What a great picture of the night you painted. I never see the night I must be a creature of the day.
    I've got an award for you mister.

  12. so beautifully written :)
    absolutely loved it :)
    and the pic is awesome!

  13. beautiful.. i love the peace of the night.. waiting for more!! :)

  14. sometimes i wish i could be both a night owl and an early bird. *sigh*

  15. very nice part 2, you make me want to sleep late...i am early to bed person...

  16. how lovely it would be to be a night owl or someone who could stay up to see all these miracles. but dreaming almost replace those miracles.

  17. This was so beautiful and touched me so while reading it.
    I love to keep the windows open on summer nights and listen to all the creatures of the night as I fall asleep.



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