Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Fuzzybutt and Scruff

Recently, Roseys cat Pussikins has had two new little kittens. Two balls of white fir. Rosey's called them Fuzzybutt and Scruff!

When she got home late last night, she stumbled through her door into the darkness of her hall, and trod on then thinking she was putting on her slippers! Fortunately they are none the worse for having Rosey’s toes almost shoved where the sun don’t shine!

She’s had a few pets over the years. She often talks about her goldfish. Bob she called it, because she was convinced that’s what he was saying as he peered at her through the glass of his murky globe. In fact he was probably saying ‘bowl, bowl’ as he strained to see through his stagnant water! Anyway, Bob eventually went to that great aquarium in the sky and Rosey still claims he died from drowning. She said he started jerking as if he had hic-cups, swallowed some water and choked on it. We jokingly said that she should have administered some kind of artificial respiration, and she was a little annoyed when realising that we having a giggle at her expense!

Then there was Sam the Shi-Tzu. He was actually a she dog, but despite our suggestion that its name should change to Samantha, she decided to leave it Sam. She soon got fed up with it though. It used to scamper between her feet and get its lead tied around her ankles. And when she was told she had to clean up after it with a pooper- scooper and take the offending matter home with her, it was too much for her to handle and it was despatched to local dog’s home.
She decided that cats were a better bet because they would needed no waking, and could be trained to do their business in next door’s flower beds thereby requiring no cleaning up!

She often talks about her pony. It was apparently known locally as Sebastian the Sex-Starved Stallion! It seems that whenever the randy bugger saw another horse of either gender, it grew a fifth leg and took off in the hope of a bit of nookey!

On one occasion he actually caught his prey and poor Rosey had a front row seat until she got un-ceremonially thrown to the ground!

So here’s wishing Fuzzybutt and Scruff every happiness in their new home. One thing’s for sure, whatever happens to them, they will be loved and cuddled to bits!



  1. LOL Rosey at it again. I think she should maybe hug them and find them a good home lol. I had a fish once named not bob but frenchfry my dad said he could not believe that fish had lived as long as it did. Oh well. Great post again.

  2. I love their names..and they look so adorable. Hope amidst all the cuddling Rosey doesn't manage to crush them :P

  3. I am absolutely rolling on the floor laughing!
    Oh that naughty little stallion of hers!!!!!!!!

  4. precious story...love the kitty slippers...hilarious...

  5. I squealed with delight when I saw those kittens. Story's not bad either, hehe.

  6. I went to visit your WW, saw that your writing was elsewhere, and I have not stopped laughing. The coffee spray looks good on my screen! :-)

  7. i love their names, what a mouthful, i would love to hear how long they last....shhh dont tell Rosey.

  8. heh...heh...
    is Rosey for real?

    My best wishes to Fuzzybutt and Scruff...:D

  9. wow!
    I love this fluffy little whitecats



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