Sunday, February 24, 2008

What's on page 123?

I’ve been tagged by Forgetfulone for this unusual exercise in exploring the reading habits of our fellow bloggers. These are the rules.

Pick up the nearest book of 123 pages or more. (No cheating!)
Find Page 123 then dismiss the first 5 sentences. Post the next 3 sentences. Tag 5 people.

Unfortunately the nearest book to me is my IKEA catalogue and by following the rules I have come up with

Tyosand range. Washable slipcover in polyester. 3 seat sofa £395. 1seat section £165. 2 seat sofa with armrest £365

But I guess that isn’t really the idea, so I reached further away to grab a random book from the shelf, my chair tipped up and the entire contents of the bookcase fell on my head!

Anyway, the first one I grabbed was a recipe book, but I felt that a list of ingredients for Sussex Pond Pudding would be inappropriate. I picked up the next one which was about the wine regions of Southern France.

Undaunted and still laying flat on my back, I plunged my hand into the pile and pulled out a book which looked hopeful.

The eighth sentence on page 123 started

’You are making me horny again’. He pushed his fingers.....

.....and then I thought better of it.

So I closed my eyes and caught hold of Brand New Friend by Mike Gayle. I followed the rules and this is what I read.

That evening Rob and Jo covered such topics as politics (she felt sorry for the Prime Minister because aged so much since he came to power) the Internet (she dismissed it as CB radio for computer nerds) and the Apollo moon landings (she had seen a documentary on Channel 5 that claimed they never happened and firmly believed it was all a big fake). Rob laughed so much he could hardly breathe. Then finally they exchanged life stories.

So I got there in the end! I’ll clear up in the morning.

As always I am going to ask for 5 volunteers. That way there is no pressure on anyone to take part, and I always end up with at least the number of participants I require anyway. Form a orderly line here please!


  1. ROFL...I laughed through this whole post! Although, I was kind of disappointed you didn't post the pudding!
    I hope you aren't seriously hurt! It's just a meme, you are dedicated! LOL

  2. LOL this is very funny. I will think about taking part in this I am reading something pretty good at the moment.

  3. Sorry Keith no meme for me but I am still laughing over this. What a picture you paint, did you end up sleeping on the floor hahahahaa

  4. You made me laugh so hard! This was great! Maybe I shouldn't use the word "hard" what with the one book you grabbed and wisely decided not to use, and what with you getting hit in the head and all. tee hee!

  5. This was a fun read. I also sometimes have books falling on me.

    I love this idea so here's mine:

    page 123

  6. this was good fun...the closest nearest me is a book in sanskrit and another one full of fairy tales from my daughter, which one would you like me to pick? :)

  7. Oh, you do make me giggle, Keith.

  8. Hilarious Keith!! I have done this one ages ago so I am out!! Really fun post!! Thanks

    Hugs Giggles

  9. funny!! and delightful...

    the closest book right now is my hindi to english dictionary....last used to coach my son...


  10. Ur really mad!!!
    And just when I thought "ah! here is get some pudding recipe, you took it off... :(

  11. Hilarious Like to have a good laugh before going to sleep. I store this one for later days.

  12. Hahaha.. good one as always.. also loved the poem for Writer's Island.. you should look at getting a book published.. you could be the next rowling!!

  13. I had so many visions of you lying sprawled on the floor with your books falling on top of you, I couldn't stop smiling!

    This was fun, and your 3 lines were so good, I couldn't help but be tempted to try it myself!

    Mine's at

    Thanks for the entertainment!

  14. This is by far the best 123 meme yet. (Apparently the rules have been victimized somewhere along the line - the rules I've seen record only the 5th sentence.) It's been awhile since a bookcase fell on my head. of course, with 2 toddlers, we've got them all fastened to the wall . . .

  15. You have very eclectic reading tastes ;)

    If only one could be educated by thumping oneself on the head with a shelf of books - I've tried that trick myself with no better results. As for the rules, they seem to change each time I run across this meme. However, I copied and pasted the ones from Ruth, who tagged me, so I can't claim that I altered them...



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