Monday, August 06, 2007

A glimse of Bexhill on Sea

Mention Bexhill on Sea and everyone thinks of elderly people. God's waiting room. And that is not without reason. Bexhill does have the greatest density of retired folk anywhere in England. And I moved here last year! Here at least, I'm still a relative youngster!
It's a seaside resort which time seems to have passed by. It has hotels and it has restaurants. But they are modest and in many cases, a little old fashioned. The town does have it's fair share of visitors - mostly from the North of Emgland. They arrive in coachloads, usually on fully inclusive packages, but contribute very little to the wellbeing of the town. Bexhill has a level seafront which is easy for the elderly to totter along, and there, they are not bothered by hoards of noisy young people as they would be in Bexhill's larger more brash neighbours such as Eastbourne and Hastings.
There are however, quite a few young students from abroad staying here for a few weeks in the Summer. They are usually in their early teens, and come here in groups from Europe and Asia with the aim of brushing up on theit English. Local families are able to boost their income by being host to as many of these kids as they can cram in to their homes!
The town centre is a pretty uninspiring place. It's no suprise that the largest buisiness in the main shopping street is an undertaker which goes by the somewhat unfortunate name of Mummeries. This prime retail site is flanked on either side by charity shops. It's often occured to me that you could drop Auntie Maisie of at the funeral parlour, then pop her old possesions into Oxfam in one journey!
Most usual high street names are there, albeit in fairly small shops. There are however, for some inexplicable reason, a large number of stores which trade in very expensive and luxurious nic-nacs for the elegant home.
There are no pubs of any note. Those that do exist are fairly grim, particularly late at night when they seem to atract a fairly unsavoury clientelle.
Recently though, a few fairly decent bistro style cafe bars have appeared which has injected a little style into this otherwise dreary town centre.

We do have one jewel! The De La Warr Pavillion. This stunning theatre cum exhibition centre dominates the sea front and is the focal point for all things artistic in the town.. It has to be said that it's Art Deco stying is not to everyones taste, but it is considered the finest piece of architecture of it's type anywhere in Europe. Our other claim to fame is that Bexhill is the home of British motor racing!
The beach is by resort standards very quiet. Its mainly shingle at high tide, but when the sea receeds, an expanse of golden sand appears. There are no shops along the promenade - just a couple of quiosks selling ice cream. At the top of the beach are hundreds of little white beach huts which can be rented for the day.
So there you have it! Bexhill on Sea. A simple seaside town. Unpretentious, but with an old-world charm all of it's own.

To see my complete set of Bexhill photos click here!


  1. You are a very good photographer, Keith!

  2. Bellisimo Keith bonita mucho mucho bonita

  3. Oh you always do such a good job with the pics and the tour of your home I love it. Very nice job

  4. What wonderful Photos! I love the sea side!

  5. Hey there Cheffie so hate to do this to you again but you need to go to my blog and read cause you have been tagged and then post here on your blog sorry. Enjoy. Oh and by the way I love the pics from yesterday I love the boot banks, the beach, the vegetable market, and the sign that clearly states do not go to close to the cliffside good advice. Okay take care and enjoy.

  6. Methinks you now feel at home in this lively resort! Tell the truth.

  7. Hey I love the pics of the horses on Norman bay beautiful.

  8. Keith my friend, you should be a tour guide. Your detailed account as we journey through your photos is simply fabulous!

    Whilst I'm here, please stop by my blog today and view my 'Wordless Wednesday' presentation. You should really sign on to play this game Keith. You have so many beautiful photos to share. All of which speak volume without words...


  9. sorry keith I've tagged you, details on my blog

  10. The Pavillion there reminds me of the Guggenheim, just slightly.

  11. Hi just wanted to let you know that I have posted a new chapter to a new story on my blog please let me know what you think I appreciate it.

  12. You are the best salesman I have met in a long time. I want to visit!

    I love old people and old people love me.

    I also love youngsters like you Keith.

  13. Should one go back? I left Bexhill in 1990 and spent 10 years in Africa then landed in Devon but have the odd hankering for a quick peek at the changes. Boy what a surprise looking at your photos. They are great. And bring back some lovely moments of quiet times in the surrounding countryside. I am a lone traveller and agree with your tips. Will certainly look you up again. Tricia D-M.



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