Monday, August 06, 2007


I was blogging long before I discovered Helium. In fact, I only came across the site as a result of an Google advert on my blog.

Through the Helium discussion boards, it soon became apparent that we had several avid bloggers in our ranks, and before long we veterans where joined by an ever increasing army of keen writers.

Suddenly our articles were coming to life. We had photographs. We had colour, and a choice of fonts and sizes. The bland and clinical Helium presentation was replaced by something more visually attractive and user friendly.

One thing stayed the same. The quality of the articles remained extremely high.

A few weeks ago something changed. I was partly instrumental in this change of direction when I was 'tagged'. I had to provide a list of facts and create a pyramid effect by spreading the questionnaire throughout our blogging circle.

In no time at all there was a new kid on the block. On most of the sites, creative writing was replaced by another survey, in which we were all asked to provide 40 facts about ourselves.

Currently the sites are dominated by blog interviews. Add to this a new craze for downloading photos of zippers and dogs under the headings of Mute Monday, Toothless Tuesday, Wobbly Wednesday etc. No doubt this will soon be joined by ****ing Friday and ****ing Sunday!

So what went wrong? What happened to creative writing? Why do so many of our blogs look the same? What happened to individuality?

I'm starting a campaign for real blogs. I'll give it the acronym BBOB - Bring Back Our Blogs.

Let's get writing, and posting our own photographs. Let's get back to the age old tradition of story telling. Please.


  1. Oh Keith come on over to my place and I will tell you a story.

  2. I agree, the occasional tag is fun but, I have enough trouble keeping up with all my other on line bits and pieces as it is.

  3. I didn't care for this piece, but I read it nonetheless. You have the right to speak your mind, after all it is your blog and your mind.


  4. I'm not likin' the incessant tagging either. I don't mind the memes as much though. In fact, it gives me writing topics some times.

    I do generally include some sort of writing when I include a photo though. I am TOTALLY down for a ban on tagging and interviews though. But I can't/won't give up HNT or Flash Friday. Love 'em too much.

    I have adopted the "Blogging Without Obligation" Philosophy and since then, I don't feel so compelled to participate in every meme every day. It was getting to be a chore. For instance, last Friday, I did not submit a Flash Fiction 55 and the world did not come crashing down.


  5. I do like the idea of Effing Friday. What would we do on that day?


  6. I agree but ... don't judge me to harshly. I am not a writer but I can do OK on occasion. My spelling, well lets just say thank goodness for spell checkers. My grammar, I had to add that one in since I know in at least the parts of UK that I am aware of, grammar is taken very seriously. But alas, I am afraid I lack there.

    Sometimes I let a joke or two pass for a post when I am at a loss. Other times it is just a few pictures I took. Oh and most of the pictures I post on my blog are pictures I actually took. I would guess at least 90 to 95 percent. I could be wrong.

    I do tell stories but I am afraid they are not always that wonderful. I do 55 Flash Fiction Friday on Fridays now and I think that actually is not a bad thing. It gets people like me writing even if it is only 55 words. Usually there is a story attached.

    Anyway when ever I do one of those MeMe's or what ever else there is I never tag people. I feel it is best that if someone wants to do it than have at it. Oh and I love the occasional MeMe. It is fun to get to know the person a little more by reading them

    Well I know this is not your most recent post and you may never see this reply but you know, I just had to toss in my two bits worth.

    I think I need to do a little more wandering around here and see what your place is like. I have a feeling I will like it here.

  7. Hi Barman and welcome to my site- I did spot your comment!
    My article was a bit tongue in cheek, and it was taken badly by some people who I thought knew me better! But I remain solid in my views on what constitutes a good blog. That dosn't mean it should be judged by it's use of English, it's technical value or anything else. As long as it entertains, amuses or makes us think, it's done it's job. To my mind individuality is key. And yours fits yhat criterea to a tee! That's not to say I am judge and jury on all things blog -it's simply a desciption of the style of blog I enjoy



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