Sunday, August 05, 2007

morgetron is truly triffic!

Amid the trials and tribulations of a tragic life, something's happened to trigger a feeling of trust in human nature. Morgetron has treated me to a trinket to add to the trappings and trash of my humble home.
I'm not one for blowing my own trumpet - or trombone - but she chose me! It's triggered a transformation in my fortunes! Today as I trudged up a track, I trundled past a tramp. A tractor and trailer travelled past and a horse trotted by. My life is good I thought! I've played my trump card.
Perhaps I should celebrate with a trip to a tropical paradise. Somewhere tranquil. Treat myself to a train journey to Transylvania. Become a transsexual! Perhaps not. But trust me , I will never trade my prize - this tribute - my treasure!
For once, I triumphed!


  1. It finally arrived! I was wondering if it would be stuck in postal service limbo forever ... You deserve this prize Keith. And remember, whatever you decide to do ... Transylvania, a tryst as ... or with a transsexual ... train ride to a tropical transsexual's paradise ... I support you.


    Triomphe !

    PS: You will always be my very first prize winner. ;)

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  3. wow Keith double congrats are in order I see. Tropical trip with a train full of transvestites dancing the flamingo would be fun I think.

    Maybe you should try your hand at the lottery, since you are on a hot streak you might win a fortune.

  4. You make the simplest things sound, well, sound, Um, interesting!


  5. Congratulations on the trinket!
    Very interesting blog!
    Welcome to mine!

  6. Transexuals on a train hmmm wow what has Morgy done to you. Its a magnet good grief man get a grip! LOL. Congrats Cheffie love it.



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