Friday, August 10, 2007

What did you do this evening?

We broke a record at the pub today! We sold a hundred main meals! Not 99, not 101, but exactly one hundred! Plus heaps of starters and plate loads of puds!

Hungry folk appeared from all over - many had to wait for tables, but seemed happy to do so.

Frankly I'm knackered! The orders just kept coming and coming! If you could see the modest kitchen I cook in, you would appreciate what a feat that was.

I wasn't on my own of course. I had Alice - you'll remember her from my 'horses on the beach' photoblog, and there was the owner of the Bulls Head, Lindy Loo. Plus the bar staff who don't know the meaning of hard work!

Tonight was our weekly Fish Night. People came from far and wide for fish and chips, swordfish, sole, crevettes,scampi, mussels, and of course, our local delicacy - Sussex smokey pie..

Many of the locals feel important enough to rewrite the menu! They order fish and chips without chips, fish and chips without fish, scampi salad with no salad, and everything possible to try and catch Cheffie out! And quite often they succeed! But not tonight!

But we got through, and thanks to a pint of frothing Harveys finest ale at the end of the session, I recovered sufficiently to journey home and commit this minor achievement to my blog thing!
Tartare sauce anyone?


  1. Hey there another wonderful addition to your blog and here is to another 100 plates next Thursday Cheffie. Cheers!!!

  2. Mmmmmm. I wish I was 101. I just posted a recipe too.

    And I'd like some fish and chips ... hold the and.


  3. Well done, thou good and faithful servant. I shall now cheer-on Sussex CCC.

  4. so my sending people your way worked then.............okay well maybe I didn't but I would have if I was there lol....Congrats Keith!!! The food looks marvelous

  5. Those dishes look absolutely mouth watering delicious! A delectable palate pleaser indeed!