Sunday, July 22, 2007

A sunny Sunday afternoon!

There is hardly a cloud in the sky. Not a leaf stirs. Whilst acres of Britain are waist deep in water, our small corner of England is experiencing a perfect Summer's day.
Barrels of flowers have suddenly put on a gaudy display and bees go about their business in search of their sweet harvest.
Here at the pub, families gather in the garden and study the menu in anticipation of a lunch 'al fresco'. Children rush to the swings and slides, and strangers become friends.
Steaming platters of food are carried across the lawn to be eaten with gusto by hungry folk enjoying the warmth of the mid day sun.

Plates of local lamb piled high with crisp roast potatoes and vegetables from our garden. Slices of crimson beef with towers of yorkshire puddings, amid lakes of rich gravy. Succulent pork with crunchy crackling and apple sauce.
Kids eat burgers, and earnest long haired students pick at salads, whilst finding solutions to the environmental problems that are causing chaos in other parts of our sceptred isle.
In the bar Samuel holds his tankard of frothing ale toward the light and gazes at it's nut brown beauty. "An estimable suffusion" he cries, and his colleagues nod in agreement. " Will you join me in a tincture" he asks, and I gratefully accept.
The peace is broken by the low throbbing of three gleaming Harleys. The proud riders encircle their glistening chrome monsters, and youngsters stand gazing in jaw-dropping admiration. The sound is soon replaced by the clip clop of two horses, and every young girl in the garden rushes to be the first to stroke their shining coats. And then a tractor pulls in. Fred is taking a well earned break from cutting his acres of hay.
I stand and look around at the happy smiling faces, the rolling countryside, and the blue sky above, and I realise how blessed I am to live in this idyll. Simple beauty, innocent charm and blissful tranquility. Blessed indeed.


  1. Very tranquil and beautiful indeed. I love the barrels of flowers so pretty. Glad you enjoyed your Sunday and so did the patrons.

  2. Yes indeed Keith, you are truly a blessed individual. Amongst your many talents you have a kind and gentle spirit.


  3. I would like to order some crisp roast potatoes and a few of those tankards of frothing ale !

    A sunny and beautiful day on my side of the pond also !

  4. You have a masterful way with words Keith. I can't wait to get back to England!!! 6 more days...

  5. I am envious.
    I had a pub in a lovely Oxfordshire village called Eynsham. It was during that wonderful summer of 1976, and had a very big garden area, with a local game called 'Aunt Sally', played in the garden.
    Wonderful memories mate.

  6. Keith, what a lovely picture this brings to mind, it is enough to make one envious of your little slice of paradise.

    The pots of pansies and what ever else are a beautiful display of nature at her best.

    You do have a way with words as someone above me mentioned. You make the story come alive and it makes you feel like you are actually taking part in your story.

    Thanks for sharing such a lovely day with us.

  7. Those flowers are beautiful! Makes me wish I had a garden.

    It's too bad I don't have a transporter! All of that luscious sounding food just made me very hungry!

    I'm glad your day was sunny. Over here in Oregon it's been overcast for nearly two weeks.

  8. You do have a way with words, Keith. I want to be there too.
    You are truly blessed.
    Take care

  9. tag again.. see my blog for further instruction.. nice site man.. love the photo's and you're writing style is awesome

  10. You do have a talent with words, Keith

  11. Hey there sweets you now need to go to my blog you have to send the newest craze onto 5 other people it is more of a boredom buster but I am tagging you with something different so to speak thanks to Sophia lol. Enjoy



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