Tuesday, July 24, 2007

More than just dirty weekends!

The city of Brighton! Fish and chips, candy floss, kiss-me-quick hats and dirty weekends! London by the sea! You name it, Brighton's got it.

My journey is best taken on the top deck of the Cliff Hanger bus. Our towns are linked by a spectacular string of chalk cliffs. A snow white roller coaster of misty heights and lush valleys. Today the sky is blue as I have ever seen it, and the sea a deep aquamarine.

Brighton pier was built by the Victorians. Originally one of a pair, the West pier was seriously damaged many years ago, and despite the efforts of conservation groups and high profile celebrities, the elements have succeeded in ruining it beyond repair. The main pier is an amazing finger of fun projecting into the sea. From beginning to end, it's a garish and vulgar mix of amusements, candy shops and spinning fairground rides. It epitomizes the English seaside experience. Loud piped music, and screaming laughing kids create a cacophony of sound.

One of Brighton's best know attractions is the Royal Pavilion. Originally a farmhouse, It was acquired by George IV in the mid 1700's and remodelled by John Nash to resemble an Indian Mughal Palace, with onion shaped domes and elaborate stonework. The extravagant interior is furnished a Chinese style, and it has now become a venue for exhibitions and concerts.Beautiful lawns and gardens surround the palace and today there is hardly a space to be had as families enjoy the sun amid the flowers and shrubs. A jazz band plays outside the little cafe which is selling tea and home made cakes.
Right in the centre of town are the Lanes, a maze of narrow streets and intriguing shops. Restaurants and pubs rub shoulders with goldsmiths and art galleries. The North Lane is another area of Brighton overflowing with specialist shops. Arts and crafts, Gothic attire and tattooists! Street sellers and buskers.A mish mash of colours and styles which somehow works!
The busy seafront road conceals a secret down below! A series of arches at sea level, house dozens of rounded little shops and bars, with a charm all of their own. Artists display their canvasses alongside souvenir shops and pickled fish stalls.
I always find it difficult to drag myself away from Brighton. It's everything to everyone. It's they gay capital of Britain and a centre for music and the arts. It has universities, and language schools by the score. Sweeping Regency crescents and grand Victorian houses. To one side the rolling Sussex countryside, and the other the English Channel and France. Perfect!

To see the rest of my Brighton photos go to http://www.keithsimages.com/


  1. I love it you always provide great pics of your trips. You would be quite the tour guide maybe someday you will give me a tour of England that would be great!

  2. I love the photo of the sunset over the mountains it's so breath taking, it's like you can almost walk into it and experience it for yourself.

    What a lovely way to spend the day having a tour site, must have been a lot of fun.

  3. Thank you for the tour Keith. I enjoyed it. The photos as usual are wonderful!

  4. I love your blog Keith. Its like a history lesson everytime I visit and I LOVE hstory.

    Your pictures are amazing. I so want to come live there just off of the things you share with us.


  5. I loved the tour, Keith! I can see why it would be hard to leave such an exciting place. The images on your other site, only add to the tour. Thanks.

  6. Hi Keith! I'm going to Canterbury for a couple weeks on Saturday. I was there last year as well and got to Brighton on two occasions. I LOVED Brighton. Very cool town... wish I could have stayed there longer. Cheers!



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