Saturday, May 26, 2007

To my friends at Helium!

Suddenly we have all discovered our blogs! And suddenly we have added a new dimension to our friendships!
I've mentioned elsewhere that my blog is my friend. It never answers me back or stops me from saying whatever I want. It doesn't judge me or stand in my way. Here I am free to speak my mind and there is nobody to censor me!
I've set up alerts so that I can always know when you have something new to say, and I look forward to meeting you again beyond the confines of Helium.


  1. Keith,

    Such nice sentiments. It's nice discovering who everyone is outside the walls of Helium.


  2. Well then, let our journey into friendship continue then, shall we?
    Looking forward to reading more about Mr. Keith Hillman!


  3. Hi Keth :)

    Great blog! Look forward to many more happy visits, discovering the 'real' Keith - LOL

    Blog On!

  4. You are blogerrific my friend.

  5. PS: I'm chuffed to see that you posted this.

  6. I'm here at long last! Actually I've been here before, but I saw your images for the first time tonight. Love them! As soon as I have time I'm going to do the same for around here. How do you do it? It is beautiful and interesting!

  7. Join the crowd! Helium bloggers have united to rule the world!

  8. Ahh Fangers ... Is *that* what we're doing? Glad to know it. ;P

  9. Hey there very nice and I see the wine so cheers to you good buddy. MUAH!