Monday, May 28, 2007

Did you hear the one about............

................. a Catholic lady and her parrot?
It seems that every time someone entered her house, the parrot yelled out 'Hello big boy - fancy a good time?'
She decided to discuss this problem with her priest. He told her that he too had a parrot. Only his was a deeply religious bird who only said his prayers and played with his rosary beads. The priest suggested that the two parrots should meet, and perhaps his bird might have a positive influence over hers.
A meeting was set up and she took her parrot to the priests house. As expected the holy bird was muttering in a prayer like way and playing with his rosary beads.
As soon as the ladies parrot saw the priest's, true to form she shrieked 'Hello big boy - fancy a good time?'. The priest's parrot visibly smiled.
He went up to him and said 'Why are you so pleased with yourself?' His parrot looked him in the eye and said 'My prayers have been answered!'.


  1. very funny

  2. Have you heard the one about the two southern belles sitting on their veranda, sipping lemonade, discussing a trip to New York City?

  3. Hey Keith I like this very funny keep em coming

  4. giggles..giggles..giggles..and more giggles!

    Fancy a good time?

    ~Sybil, go to your room!~

  5. For some reason it makes me happy that you have an ad for golf knickers on your page.