Friday, May 18, 2007

Ladies and gentlemen!

According to a survey, 90% of men are afraid to pay a compliment, or act in a gentlemanly way, to a lady with whom they are not familiar. A similar number of women, or should I say ladies, bemoan the fact that men are no longer gentlemen!
As a mere male I fit into the 'afraid' category. I was brought up to respect ladies. Im my childhood I would raise my school cap to a passing lady. When I was a testosterone filled teenager, I treated my girlfriends like princesses .As a young adult I opened doors for ladies, and always let them go before me in a check-out queue.
But a few years ago, political correctness reared its ugly head.
Whereas I would previously have given up my seat to a lady on a train, I would no longer consider doing it for fear of the reaction I might get. I am afraid I would even leave a pregnant lady standing, in case I was accused of being condescending.
I no longer dare speak to a strange woman in case it is taken as an advance , and smiling to a stranger is completely out of the question.
But ladies only have themselves to blame for this state of affairs. It is they who sought equality. It is they who decided that displays of gentlemanly behaviour demonstrated weakness and aloofness.
Another strange fact I have recently learned is that ladies need at least five compliments, or acts of kindness, a day in order to maintain their self esteem and confidence. Thanks to 'women libbers', 25% of women say that they are not reaching this minimum level.
I for one feel uncomfortable sitting whilst a lady stands. I hate letting a door close in a ladies face. I don't know which are the ladies who are the most likely to take offence at an act that comes as second nature to me!
Right guys. Time to make a stand for Men's Liberation! Lets get back to the days when men where gentlemen, and women didn't drink pints!


  1. While I agree women have added to their mistreatment due to attitudes and the movement for equality, not all women feel that way keith, so still love having doors opened, seats given up and love to be pampered and treated like a lady, I feel men have gotten a raw deal at times, but does that need to stop a man from extending gentlemanly qualities towards a lady? I enjoyed reading this post.


  2. Hey Keith, You can give me your seat on the train! I just spent five days in Boston and relied heavily on the public subway. While there, about five men offered me their seats. Four of them were Hispanic, one white. I appreciated their offers so much ... I didn't always take them up on their offers but I did express my gratitude.

    I like the idea of men being more gentlemanly, but don't take away my pint man! ;)

  3. Morge... it's cause you're a hotty!

    Anyways, in my time in Japan, I loved the way that the younger generation (i.e. myself) was EXPECTED to give up a seat for the elderly, the handicapped, or the pregnant, but... I always had to do one better... so I included women in my list as well.

    It always surprised them when a guy would give up a seat for them. (of course, on the two hour ride to Tokyo in that soft-seat train I didn't, cause I slept....)

  4. Hey there,

    I think your a gentlemen. However not all of us women need five compliments a day to keep up our self esteem and not all of us take offense to a stranger smiling at us. I agree gentlemen shoud make a reappearance. I also firmly believe we fought for equality we won and we derserve it.

  5. A very well written and beautifully articulated missive. It simply rolled off the tongue. NOW, talk to the hand! (giggles) I'd have to disagree with the five compliments a day theory. Let it be known that Ambre does not need a compliment from any warm blooded mammal to keep her sauntering about! I am quite comfortable with myself. Besides, I'm a mermaid with iron scales!

    Looking forward to reading more of you.


  6. Couldnt we have a bit of both? Compliments as well as equality, and I would give up my seat for the elderly...irrespective of the sex. Older people deserves roots grilled that into me and it's hard to let go. Hope I would be able to pass those values to my children..sad to see lots of things dying out.



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