Friday, May 11, 2007

Let's have a cider!

Suddenly, everyone wants cider! Cider sales in the UK went up by a staggering 28% in 2006. The growth is expected to continue rising.
Cider has suddenly become fashionable, and the driving force behind this trend is Magners. They decided to package in pint bottles and pour it over ice. Now the humble alcoholic apple is suddenly every drinkers must have!
Employees at rivals Bulmers saw theover ice trend approaching long before it surfaced, but the management ignored their suggestions. As a result, Magners now has a strangle hold in the cider market, and left the established market leaders crying in their beer!
Whilst draught cider Strongbow is still the number one brand, Magners is right behind it and chasing! If Magners was available through the pumps that might be a very different story.
The trend toward cider drinking has seen a raft of new products arrive in the market place. Pear cider is back on the shelves again, Addlestones and Thatchers being particularly fine examples. Organic ciders and ones specifically aimed at the wine market have popped up. Gaymers Orchard Reserve is a truly fine example of an alternative to the mighty grape.
Where will it all stop? There is no sign of sales slowing down, and as summer approaches - the biggest season for cider sales - it seems the only way is up!


  1. Very interesting statistics. Oddly enough, Cider sales in my neck of the woods plummet during the warmer months, while iced tea sales soar through the roof. I make my own sun brewed iced tea. Add a bit of fresh squeezed lemon and drink a PINT!

    Cider seems to receive more notoriety beginning in the fall accompanying the many seasonal festivals (October Fest) being one example. We have a lot of apple orchards in this part of Upstate NY. Warm apple cider seems to tickle the taste buds of the local towns folk at the ushering of the chilly season. It seems to have gained much popularity at many a ski lodge also. Though I don't ski, due to the simple that I prefer my anatomy in one piece!

    I myself don't care for apple cider hot nor cold. I would not like it in a train! I would not like it in a plane! I do enjoy apple juice though.

    ~thirsty now~

  2. You might want to delete your double post. From the looks of it you spiked the cider and I am now seeing doubles.




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