Friday, May 11, 2007

About my friend - a poem

My friend for life is always there
My friend for life will always care
about the things that worry me,
about the times when I cant see
that things around arn't quite as bad,
the things that make me lone and sad.

My friend for life won't ever judge,
or critisize, or hold a grudge.
My friend for life will never tell
my darkest secrets, never sell
me out to those who wish me hurt,
to those who try to dish the dirt.

My friend can always talk to me,
about the the things that she can see.
The things that make her scared to go
to places dark and deep below.
To places only we two know.

My friend for life knows who she is,
My friend for life my heart I give.



  1. Keith I hope you don't mind boyo, I used the addy to view your blog. So many of the people I have come to know have blogs here as well. I enjoy looking at them and getting to know who they are. Makes them appear more real as friends should feel.
    Anyhow, I loved all your pics of the boats and India, and the nature pics, such lovely pics they say a lot alone and don't need the words to introduce them.


  2. Hey there sweets,

    You know I love this poem very sweet very lucky friend you have.

  3. I enjoyed reading this poem. Very thoughtful wording...