Friday, April 20, 2007

Think pink!

The other day someone put my white chef jackets in the washer with a load of new dark red serving cloths.
As a result I have been wearing pink in my kitchen for the last week - and I’m told it’s really fetching! My girls tell me it suits me!
And why shouldn’t it? It’s a lovely colour. I own at least two pink shirts - I have a couple of ties in pink too. I have a glorious pair of pink socks and have even been known to wear pink knicky-nacky-noos!
The sunset was pink tonight, and I’ve just been pruning my pink rose bushes. My children were pink when they were born and I probably was too! I celebrated with pink champagne (not at my own birth you understand) and watched Pinky and Perky with them on the TV.
So why should pink be hijacked by the ladies? It’s time we men made a stand!
Guys - think pink!


  1. I wrote an article about this on Helium. I love a man in pink -- especially that light shade, as opposed to the fuschia, which seems to be gaining in popularity in the midwest among the 14-21 set.

  2. Keith I was taking the time to read your articles and I find you do look fetching in pink, it compliments our skin tones real well. I love it when a man is strong enough in his masculinity to wear what ever color he so chooses.


  3. One of the best shirts I ever had was Pink. My wife picked it out for me, I wrinkled my nose, and soon asked for a couple more.

  4. Thank goodness your chef jackets only came out pink and didn't shrink. Now that dilemma would surely stink.

    I enjoyed the read, but must now go, as I have a bit of a kink in me neck, me think me need a massage!

    ~thinking pink~