Friday, March 09, 2007

Eating alone - tips for beginners!

Eating alone is the most satisfying experience one can have. I've done it for years - originally out of necessity rather than choice - but right now I can't wait to finish this article and head off to the Thai restaurant down the road!
Most important. Take some reading matter. A book is easier to handle than a newspaper although they do have a habit of closing themselves when you let go to shovel some food in your mouth. Try to get hold of an extra knife - they do the job of keeping the book flat very effectively.
My main reason for taking a book is that it enables you to earwig other peoples conversations without them having the faintest idea you're listening to them. It's amazing the things you hear!
One other useful accessory is a notebook and pen. Look as if you are a wine expert when you savor your first swig of Chardonnay or whatever, making sure of course the waiter is looking in your direction. Then scribble some nonsense or other in your little book. Chances are he'll think you are a restaurant critic! It's worked for me more than once and the improvement in service is just incredible!
But most of all, enjoy the fact that you are alone. For years now I haven't been told that something is not good for me, or that something else will make me fat. I can eat all the chips I want without fear of criticism and drink TWO bottles of wine if I feel like it and there's nobody there to complain or make me feel guilty!
Oh, the joys of being single!

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