Saturday, March 10, 2007

Time to blow my own saxaphone!

You probably know that I do a lot of writing on the Helium Knowledge site. It’s different from my Blog inasmuch as it’s outlet for writers to air their views on a whole range of topics from travel to tomatoes as well as short stories and poetry.

On Helium I can start a new topic or add my thoughts to an established subject. In the case of the latter my writing is rated by other Helium members. I also read and score theirs. The aim of course is to get my piece as close to the top as possible because the higher the ranking the more people are going to read it. (Did you follow that? - thought not!)

And the added bonus is that I get paid by Helium based on various factors including ranking and the number of reads! Not bad eh!

We also enjoy a social life of sorts through the Helium message boards and our virtual Café were we chat with each other any time during the night or day. Sad or what?

There are about 88,000 members currently, and up to 15000 articles are published daily. The majority of members are in the US.

So, I was chuffed to bits when I received the following email this morning -

Congratulations Keith!

If you check out today’s homepage at, you’ll see your article featured prominently.

Your article about the pleasures of eating out alone shares valuable insights and reflects the highest standards of writing at Helium. Thank you for sharing your time and talents at!

Continue to enjoy your participation in the Helium Community! We look forward to watching for more of your exceptional articles over the years.

All the best,

Barbara Whitlock

Content & Community team

I’m quite pleased with that!

The article in question is very similar to the last one I posted here on Keith’s Ramblings entitled 'Eating alone - tips for beginners', and on Helium it’s one of 17 articles on that subject.

I’ve got a link to Helium at the top of the page. Why not have a peep - and why not join up? I can really recommend it.

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