Sunday, December 24, 2017


Post 1557. Sunday December 24

It had been busy a busy night at The Cross Inn despite the winter snow. John turned out the lights and headed upstairs. Through the window shone a star, the brightest he’d ever seen. For a moment he relished the silence, you could have heard a pin drop, but a split second later there was loud banging on the door. He reluctantly went back downstairs.

Standing ankle deep in the snow stood a young man bearing a terrified expression. “My wife’s having a baby,” he said “The ambulance couldn’t reach us so I was trying to get her to the hospital myself, but we got stuck in a drift. Do you have a room we can use? Please?”

John had no spare rooms, but he saw the desperation on the man’s face, “Bring her in" he said. ”You can stay in the storeroom”

A baby boy was born. Somehow, news of the birth rolled out across the village. Several locals approached the pub hoping to see the new child. They brought gifts; a gold bracelet, scented candles, and sweet smelling flowers.

That was longs ago. The village still looks the same as does The Cross Inn. But something feels different. A place where something wonderful must have happened.

This week's given words at The Sunday Whirl are - star, pin, lights, wonder(ful), roll, lane, approach, gutter, line, spare, split, and release, of which I've used most!

Thank you, Sunday Photo Fiction for the picture.


  1. Going all biblical on us this week, Keith.
    Liked the irony of the inn's name.

  2. Nice modernization on an age old tradition.

  3. Ah, such a pretty story. I like the way you've integrated the Biblical story in the modern context.

  4. A lovely tale. Happy Holidays, Keith.

  5. Too many coincidences for it not to mean something...

  6. Same here. Loved the modern spin you gave to an oft told Biblical fable. Merry Christmas to you and yours, Keith.

  7. Names may change, so may times, but powerful stories are truly ageless. Happy holidays Keith.

  8. How lovely, Keith. You were clever to use the First Christmas as a theme and outline. I love the inn's name. Good writing. :) --- Suzanne