Sunday, September 10, 2017


Post 1599. Sunday September 10

'I've had enough' she screams. 'Then leave' he yells. China smashes on the floorboards.

Beneath their feet, the river tumbles on its way.

'Ripe strawberries' bellows the trader in the bustling market. 'A pound a punnet'.

The river runs past unnoticed.

'It's your fault' he shouts surveying the damage to his car. 'No, it's yours the other motorist argues.

Close by, fish leap from the trickling water.

'Another bloody truck blocking the road' moans the frustrated driver thumping his steering wheel. A cacophony of car horns fills the air.

Alongside, a mother duck travels downstream, in her wake a line of frantically paddling ducklings.

A train crosses the metal bridge its wheels noisily click-clacking on the tracks.

Below an angler tugs his bowing rod as he retrieves his catch.

A sudden downpour; leaden raindrops roar as they bounce from the road.

A thousand silver coronets jump from the surface of the river, then all is calm again.

In the park a brass band plays, cymbals crash, drums beat and bugles boom.

A swan glides serenely past unmoved by the efforts of the bandsmen.

A songbird sings and a woodpecker rat-a-tats.

The river winds its way across the field leaving the city far behind.

Word count 201. Sorry about that!.


  1. A nice gentle trip down the river watching the world go by. Perfect for a Sunday.

  2. The scenic description is awesome ....

  3. The river and its eco-system is calm in its trail while the human life above is chaotic and full of anger. The comparison is well brought out.

    1. The river carries on regardless. Thanks Kalpana

  4. I love the flow of this piece. Beautifully written!

  5. I love the images from the river. Good story.

  6. Hi Keith - I bet the river was glad to get out into the country ...years ago that trip through the cobbled streets would have been a babbling delight - now way too many interruptions ... loved the story - cheers Hilary

  7. Lovely descriptive piece of writing

  8. When the subdivision to the north of me decided they wanted a pond instead of a marsh, the river behind me was reduced to a trickle. Man knows best???

  9. I love the contrast between the conflict of human interactions with the calmness of the river! Is there supposed to be a metaphor?

    Good job!

  10. Excellent juxtaposition of peace and conflict, very well done.

  11. A vivid picture you have drawn. Beautiful imagery.

  12. I'll follow the peace in nature, and skip the noise......

  13. Great job contrasting the two types of being. I'm with the river all the way.