Sunday, July 02, 2017


Post 1561. Sunday July 2

‘It’s a hundred and eighty years old’. I picked it up. ‘Careful you don’t drop it, it’s worth a fortune’

‘Are you sure Granny?’ I asked. ‘It’s weird’.

Why anyone would want a  little plaster model of a girl sitting on a rose bush holding hands with a tiny slimy dragon, I couldn’t imagine. It had a maker’s name scratched on the base. Carter or Carver or something. ‘He’s famous you know’ said Granny. ‘Up there with Rodin and, erm, that other chap’.

Granny had decided to sell it. She agreed it was pretty hideous and thought the money would come in handy. She asked me to take it to auction. So I did.

‘Lot seventy-five’ yelled the auctioneer. ‘A miniature by Carter… or is that Carver? Whatever. I’ll  start the bidding at one hundred pounds’

I was amazed. Bids from my left, bids from my right. A hundred and fifty, seventy, ninety, two hundred.

‘Two hundred and eighty pounds. Going…going…gone’ he shouted swinging his gavel downwards.


Bits of the little plaster model flew everywhere. The dragon’s head landed in my lap, the girl’s bosom in someone's hair.

‘It's Carver by the way’ called someone from the back as he studied a piece of the base.


  1. Reminds me of the time I was putting away some expensive Depression Era stem glasses. I dropped four of them. A pricey pile of glass.

  2. Big oops, especially for an auctioneer. Maybe that was his first - and last - day on the job, poor guy! Interesting take on the prompt.

  3. This was just fantastic. Guess the auctioneer is 280 pounds and a job short.

  4. What a careless auctioneer! Great story - hope it wasn't true.

  5. Replies
    1. Oh, I don't know, it was pretty ugly! Thanks Bernadette

  6. Yikes. So much for the money, or does the auction house have to pay because of their mistake?

  7. It doesn't sound all that ugly to me, and i do hope the auction house had to pay for it since it was the auctioneer's mistake. Although i doubt he'll kept his job if he keeps doing that.

    1. I'm sure it was all sorted out amicably! Thanks messy.

  8. lol I can see the pieces flying around Great end. Loved that the statue really exists It is indeed quite ugly

  9. I wonder if Granny got the money? Nice take on the prompt :)

  10. Replies
    1. Whoa. I'd guess the auction house would have to pay that money. Humorous and good writing, Keith. :D --- Suzanne

  11. The statuette looks like something I would have adored as a child. ~grin~ Nicely told.