Saturday, March 11, 2017


Post1474. Saturday March 11

Sunday's Whiligig

Here he comes again, wandering around the market.

‘Woe are we’ he cries. ‘We are cursed, doomed. We are to be cast aside like hapless harlots.  Spat upon by those that disown us. We will be drained of our precious royal blood'.

He has a different campaign each week. Sometimes environmental things like smoking chimneys, others matters religious. He blasts anything that offends him.

‘Hear me my friends, heed my warnings. Soon we will be holding out our begging bowls to those we once considered our family. We will forever more be blighted. We will fall from strength to weakness’

‘He does go on doesn’t he?’ chuckled my mate. ‘Anyone would think we’re all off to hell in a hand-cart not just leaving Europe!’

This week's words at Sunday's Whirligig are wander, weakness, woe, cry, curse, chimney, hear, hapless, harlots and blasts. 



  1. Hi Keith - I'm sure there are plenty of people joining marches and/or protesting ... and yes we are only leaving Europe ... perhaps! Cheers Hilary

  2. I have seen such characters, and I sometimes wonder if they instinctively might know more than we do about the state of the world's affairs! I wonder what motivates them to try to warn us.

  3. I've never witnessed anything like this in my sleepy suburb, thankfully. Be well!