Sunday, March 12, 2017


Post 1474. Sunday March 12

Ah, that’s better. At last, I can stretch my legs. Being stuck in that thing for days was not the glamorous experience some people think it is. Anyway, we are here now. It’s very dark, isn’t it? I wonder what the time is.

Last time man set foot here, some people said it was a setup. What lunar-tics! Well, I’m here now and when I’ve unloaded my luggage I’m going to plant my flag. When they planted theirs, some people said it fluttered even though there was no breeze on the moon. Wrong. I can see some leaves blowing along the ground. What’s that over there? It can’t be. It is! It’s a car park. And there's a Ford like mine. Would you believe it? And there – see? I can just make out a McDonalds! This place isn’t as bleak as they made out. I wonder if I can get a coffee.

Who was that? Did you hear it? Hello? Someone shouted ‘Cut’ and then ‘It’s a wrap guys’. They must have filmed our landing. How exciting, I’m going to be on TV!

I think I’m going to like it here.

A silly story inspired by this week's picture at Sunday Photofiction