Thursday, March 30, 2017


During April I will once again join the hundreds of bloggers partaking in the A-Z Challenge. I will be writing a story a day about the fictitious village of Amble Bay. I may be absent from some of my more usual venues! My first story can be found HERE
Post 1492. Saturday April 1

Sunday Scribblings 2

I was in the library scanning the bookshelves for a copy of ‘The Charms of Dandyism; Or Living in Style’ by Olivia Moreland, Chief of the Female Dandies.

I spotted it and started to take it from the shelf when suddenly it pulled back! I pulled, it pulled. I pulled harder, it pulled harder. I heaved. ...and suddenly it stopped resisting and I flew backwards onto the floor.

I peered under the bottom shelf and spotted a pretty pair of ankles. I climbed back to my feet and peeped through the gap left by ‘The Charms of Dandyism blah blah blah’, and looking back at me were the sweetest blue eyes I’d ever seen.

‘Hello, I’m Paige’ said a cute little voice. 'Hello I'm Dan' I said. We agreed to share the book and so started a new chapter in our lives. 

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  1. So cute! It's a more genteel meeting than my partner and I shared. I was still with someone I'd dated for five years (four of them happy) who abandoned me and this new friend at a party. This big mistake was capped off by spilling a drink on me before we left, sort of signalling the end of that relationship. ~grin~ Happy blogging!

  2. This tug of war ended up in a lovely truce! :-)

    1. Indeed. They clearly shared the same wierd interests!

  3. Nice story there. I'm not that generous with my books and rarely share them with anyone. I'm wondering now, will their tale have a happy or a more violent end.

  4. Hi Keith - as I can't find an email ... Hogget ... you probably don't watch the Beeb's Great British Menu ... but the NE chef served up Hogget four ways ... and won the meat round (yesterday 17th May) ... it's how I remember it from my Market Harborough days ...

    So delete this comment ... I tried to look for the episode, but it hasn't reached outer space yet! Other Hogget recipes appear ... thought you could enlighten your butcher friend ?!

    Enjoy Spring into Summer if we get some without rain or wind ... cheers Hilary