Sunday, February 26, 2017


Post 1464. Sunday February 26

Sunday Photo Fiction

Old Bob loved waking up and seeing his false teeth smiling at him from the glass of water beside his bed.

‘Good morning teeth’ he would say.

‘Blob blob blob Bob’ they would splutter back.

But this morning they weren’t there. ‘Oh dear’ said Bob. ‘Where can they be?’

Bob’s teeth were sometimes a bit mischievous. They liked playing hide ‘n seek. They hid in his trousers once and when he put his hand in his pocket they bit him! Bob got his own back by making them chew on something very hard that lunchtime.

Once they jumped out of his mouth when he yawned, landed on his plate and started nibbling his piece of chocolate cake.

Bob needed to find them because he was going to see his friend Mabel that morning and he was worried he would scare her with his toothless grin. It was not a pretty sight. It even frightened the postman once!

‘Ah, found you!’ he chuckled. His naughty teeth had hidden inside his packet of breakfast cereal, and they fell into his bowl when he tipped it up.

They soon stopped smiling when he poured milk all over them!

Just another fun filled day for Old Bob and his naughty teeth!

Thanks to Sunday Photo Fiction for this week's picture prompt.


  1. Ha, interesting take Keith, funny and somehow I also felt a little bit sad for Bob and his teeth!

  2. Haha! I love this. It was whimsical, and I love whimsical. I'm still smiling over this one. Fun story!

  3. Haha! truly loved this fun story. Well done Keith.

  4. Silly fun, a delightful take on one of the realities of life. My husband just got his final set of dentures, and they are such a blessing, but yes take some adapting to get used to!

  5. That is brilliant. I love it.

    True story: I went to see my grandfather once (lots of times actually, but this particular time) we stayed over and at night he said "I like to keep an eye on my teeth when I go to bed" and showed me a glass with his false teeth and glass eye in it. I am sure it is that which gave me a phobia of eyes.