Saturday, January 21, 2017


Post 1430. Saturday January 21

Sunday Scribblings 2

“See ‘ole Fred over there?” said Arthur placing his pint glass on the bar.

“That Fred or the other Fred? I asked nodding my head in their direction.

“ ‘im” said Arthur. “Fartin’ Fred, not Fred the Bread" 

There are two you see, one being a baker and the other..well, the name says it all!

“What about him?” I asked.

Arthur moved closer to whisper in my ear.

“Watch it Arf” I said. “Folks are gonna think we’re having a hit-n-miss!”

“What, against the bar? I know I have to dash to gents in an ‘urry sometimes but I’d never do it ‘ere!”

Arthur is none too hot at rhyming slang. I meant kiss not...well, you know!

“Well, you know about his...err... problem,” he said flapping his hand like a fan in front of his nose.”Went to see the doc yesterday  ‘e did, and the doc says he needs an enemy. How ‘aving enemies can 'elp I can't imagine. 

“Arf” I chuckled. “He needs an emema, not an enemy! Enema!”

“What’s the 'eck is one of them when it's at ‘ome?” he asked.

“Time to go home” I said, I giving Arthur peck on his cheek and a risky slap to Fartin’ Fred’s bum as I passed which set off one his signature ass-blasters.  I bet all that got the local gossip’s chins waggin’!

Today's given word at Sunday Scribblings 2 is enemies



  1. Confusing and enemy with an enema? Ah, it happens, doesn't it? Ha!

  2. My guess is those chaps and the pubs too have now long gone, vanished along with Mild and Bitter set, ladies with their Port and lemon and the bar billiards table tucked in the corner where a coin on the rim meant someone had booked the table for the next game.

    1. Now that takes me back to when I was in the Eight Bells bar billiard team knocking down wooden mushrooms all those years ago! A coin on the rim. I'd but forgotten until you mentioned it. Pool...baa

  3. Ah the delights of a spit and sawdust pub.. :-)

    1. Oooo-arrr! Just like the village pub I ran all those years ago!

  4. Nothing like the friendly banter of a local pub. I tend to agree with Fartin' Fred, an enema is pretty much an enemy invader! ;-)