Monday, January 30, 2017


Post 1437. Monday January 30

Sunday Photo Fiction

Two old fishermen went to sea
In a battered old sea-blue boat
One wore a pullie and a hat that was woolie
The other a waterproof coat

One looked up at the clouds in the sky
The other looked down at the net
It started to rain and the waves rose up high
And they both got terribly wet.

Fisherman one said to fisherman two
I’ll think we’ll head for the shore
We’ve had a good catch, let’s batten the hatch
I doubt that we’ll land any more.

The wind it did blow and the sea it did swell
The boat was about to capsize
A vision of hell, they were feeling unwell
when they were dealt with a sudden surprise!

A huge hand came down and scooped up the boat
They couldn’t believe their good luck
It plonked them plop down in a pond in the town
And startled two swans and a duck!

For Sunday Photo Fiction. Thanks to C E Ayr for the picture. 

I'm often asked why I don't write more poetry. I think I've just answered the question!



  1. I thought this was a most delightful poem, Keith, and you definitely should do more of them! I could envision this pair out fishing in the storm, and I loved your ending. :-)

    1. I used to write a lot of poetry - I still have a blog dedicated to it. But I stopped when I got bored by having to stick to rules when writing. I'm too much of a free spirit to be shackled!

      The Ramblings of a Reluctant Poet

    2. I belong to the "who says I can't write it that way" school of thought when it comes to poetry. I find the forms too cumbersome too. :-)

  2. Hi Keith - it's a good take on Lear ... cheers Hilary

  3. Well well now who'da thunk it
    Our Keith is full of surprises
    I didn't know that he
    Wrote poetry
    Just one more talent he exercises

    1. You say the nicest things and in such a poetic fashion!

    2. He even murders people poetically hehe

    3. The original smiling assassin!

  4. I love the poem. Very easy and fun to read.

    1. Having read all the ones preceding mine I felt the need for some light relief!

  5. Glorious work Keith, just the sort of light-hearted fun I needed.

    1. A bit of nonsense now and then does us good! Thanks Iain. By the way, your contribution this week is brilliant.

  6. This was amusing and entertaining. Loved it. I read above you don't like being shackled to covention. I prefer the creative type too.

    1. I'm pleased it was worth the effort! Thanks Gina

  7. Great poem. I'm not usually into rhyme but this was great.

  8. A great poem, lovely rhythm and nice humour. You made me smile, thank you.