Tuesday, December 06, 2016


Posted Tuesday December 6 2016

Their hands rested on the table, his fingers brushing hers. Paul slowly rose to his feet, blew her a kiss and walked away. Polly was bemused. The waiter shrugged but there was something knowing about his wry smile.

Paul returned and handed Polly bouquet of scarlet roses. With a polite cough, the waiter proffered a silver platter on which sat a small box. Paul dropped to one knee, opened the box and took out the most beautiful ring she had ever seen. Shards of green light shot in every direction from the emerald at its centre.  She held out her hand; her heart missed a beat. But as he moved the ring close to her finger she suddenly snapped closed her hand and gently pushed him away. She stood, shook her head then fled from the restaurant dropping the roses at his feet.

Paul’s phone rang in the middle of the night. He cancelled the call. It rang again and he pulled a pillow over his head.  It rang and rang and rang. He grabbed it, pressed it to his ear.

A tiny voice whispered ‘I am so so sorry'

My tale came to mind when I saw Jade M Wong's picture prompt at Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers



  1. I'm not sure whether he should take her back or not - hopefully Polly is 100% sure of her answer now! Nice take Keith.

  2. Poor Paul. That would be devastating! I wonder if he forgives her - or perhaps he did since he answered the phone. Wonderful story, Keith!

  3. Well done Keith, very engaging and left me wondering...

  4. Great take on the image! You have a wonderful imagination.

  5. How humiliating it would be to plan the perfect proposal and be left on bent knee. I think it best to first assure marriage is also in the mind of the intended. It seems there is a miscommunication lurking somewhere between them.