Friday, December 09, 2016


Posted Friday December 9 2016

It's so boring sitting here day in day out with just my binoculars for company. No, I’m not a nosey parker, I’m a coastguard! Look, up here waving to you. Hi!

Nothing much happens. Ships that pass in the day (I don’t do nights) I like bird spotting. Sometimes gulls sit outside and stare at me. Boo! That scared him.

What’s the time? Yawn. Three hours til beer-o-clock. Yawwwwwn....

Oh look...there’s a mermaid. Don’t laugh, there really is. Right there, see? Topless too! I say, what a gorgeous tail! Which reminds me, fish pie for supper tonight. 

Sretttch.... ooooh! I think I just dozed off. Hope I didn’t miss anything. It's getting dark. Almost time to go...

Written for Friday Fictioneers. Thanks to Rochelle for hosting and Lucy Fridkin for the photo


  1. Bet you don't sit there bored ... it's a wee bit misty today ... but lots happening - it's Christmas?! Easy to doze off as the day draws in ... nearly dark now - 15.40 pm ... take care and yes - as we all do at times ... we need a "Hi" ... cheers Hilary

  2. Dear Keith,

    You had me out on the boat with this guy. Well done.



  3. Nice take Keith. Not the worst view in the world to be paid to sit and watch, especially if the mermaids appear...

  4. He sounds like a fun chap to go for a beer with!

  5. Hope nothing slips by while he snoozes! Great take on the prompt.

  6. Great ficlet! I often wonder how our YMCA lifeguards keep from nodding off when it's really quiet.

  7. Yikes! My husband is an air traffic controller for the military. We often tease him about watching football games in the tower while waiting for helicopters to arrive and land. :-)