Wednesday, December 28, 2016


Posted Wednesday December 28

If she doesn’t come soon I’m going. Outside at half-six I said; she said half-seven so we met in the middle, seven. Only we haven’t met in the middle or anywhere else for that matter.  Come on, come on. I’m bored.  Where are you? Come on.

Not many people are there? It’s supposed to fully booked. That’s what he said on the phone. Lucky to get a table he said.  I thought there would be loads here. Or is ‘hoards’ the right word? Crowds? Masses? Now I’m rambling. Come on, come on.

It was Browns Bistro wasn’t it? Errr... oh dear...oh no...oh bother!

Hang on, I’m coming..........

Thanks to Rochelle for hosting Friday Fictioneers and Shaktiki Sharma for the photo.


  1. Oh dear, indeed. They both sound as bad as each other.

  2. I think it's better to go home and pretend you have fallen sick... it might work.

  3. I could've lived and written this in my 20s. Ouch. I felt the pain!
    xx Rowena using my son's Google account.

  4. Sometimes planned meet-ups fall completely apart, hopefully ahe forgives him for his memory lapse. Papa Bear has ended up at the wrong place before too. 😉

  5. This made me smile. It reminded me of a relationship in my youth - long time ago now!

  6. Dear Keith,

    Something tells me this date isn't going to work as planned. Planned? Did someone plan?



    1. Two different plans unfortunately! Thanks Rochelle.

  7. Sometimes it is far more difficult for 'ships to pass in the night' than was planned. Enjoyed!

  8. Ha ha. Guess it wasn't her fault after all... :-)

  9. Bother is a very mild word compared with the one I'd be thinking!

  10. the dessert (wink! wink!) must be worth the wait. :)

  11. This date is not going to go well...they even might end up fighting later...i am for some reason sure about the fight....hope she makes it up to him

  12. Hopefully they will just laugh about it.
    That's the true test.

  13. Oops! But then as someone who recently went over for dinner, one day before the actual invite, who am I to judge?

  14. Time ... my enemy. I dislike writing. I dislike lateness.
    Yikes ... I think I would have gone in and forgotten about the other person.
    The again ... they could be married or it could be a date. Oh my .... haha
    Well written ... loved it
    Happy New Year 2017 �� Cheers ��
    Isadora ��

  15. I don't know how I got so far behind in reading these! I'm having fun binge reading your great stories this chilly eleventh of January.