Thursday, October 06, 2016

Sunday Scribblings 2

Posted Friday October 7

My friend Rosey hates it when ‘common people’ refer to a cup of tea as a 'cuppa rosey lea’. She says they are taking her name in vain.  When I pointed out that rosey lea is cockney rhyming slang for tea and therefore perfectly acceptable, she just shrugged!

She once referred to crossing the road as cupping. When I asked why, she grinned and said ‘because I runneth over!' Pretending I didn't get her joke I pointed out that the term ‘my cup runneth over is a quotation from Psalm 23:5  in the Bible and means 'I have more than enough for my needs thank you very much!  She...shrugged!

Which reminds me, she needed a new broom handle the other day (how she broke the old one, I decided not to query) She went to the hardware shop in town and bought a white one. It was a sunny day so she was wearing her sunglasses. On her way home, every time she went to cup – sorry, cross the road, the traffic stopped for her. Someone even offered to help her across to the other side. It took her a while to realise why! Bless her! 

Confession time! When was making Rosey a 'cuppa rosey lea' one afternoon, I asked what cup size she was, meaning does she usually have it it in a large cup or one of those little fancy bone china ones. Whoopsie! It must be catching!

For Sunday Scribblings 2 where our given word is cups



  1. Hehe, crossing the road with a white stick - priceless!

    I've got a new mug for my cuppas - it's actually the size of two standard mugs. I'm fully prepared for winter!

  2. Next time ask Rosey if you offer her tea suggest cup or mug she won't glower at you then!

  3. Aye up and all that it's definitely have that image of Babs Windsor in Carry on Camping - thank you Rosey.. You always make me chuckle

  4. Thank you for the snicker. I own a huge mug featuring Winnie the Pooh. A phrase states that he needs "a little something about this time of day" and holds twice the normal cup. It's awesome! Be well.