Sunday, August 07, 2016

The Sunday Whirl

Posted Sunday August 7

See that man over there Ted?

‘im Bill? ‘im crunchin’ on a bag of crisps?

Yes Ted. Arthur Wood's his name. Timber they call him. They say he’s worth a mint and I don’t mean a lorry load of Polos.

‘ow come Bill?

Well Ted, he used to play the horses. The Derby and all that. The thrill of the chase he used to call it.

s'in the bank is it Bill?

‘parently not Ted. They say it’s in a steel container ‘neath his floorboards.

Perhaps I ought to get to know ‘im Bill. I could do with a bit‘a cash right now.

No Ted. I’d leave him well alone.  Brenda behind the bar says he’s a bit irascible.

A bit what Bill? You swallowed the dictionary? What’s iras..iras..b..le?

I don’t know Ted, but I’ll tell you what, he’s very grumpy.

Where’s ‘e live Bill?

In the old Toll House Ted. Why?

I’ve got an idea Bill. I’ve got an idea!

This week's 12 words at The Sunday Whirl are - Crunch, contain, irascible, toll, timber, trill, sin, instil, mint, man, play, thrill. I have used 10 and chopped another to bits!



  1. Awesome dude - no, hang in that's a different Bill and Ted - but still an excellent adventure

  2. Wot 'im over there? Somebody's bin pullin' yer leg yer daft 'apeth!

  3. Hi Keith - well done ... that story line could be so true ... fun - thanks - Hilary

  4. Very interesting story. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Somehow I don't think this is an idea that should be explored...

  6. Uh, oh. ~grin~ I agree with Shadow.