Saturday, August 06, 2016

Sunday's Whirligig

Posted Saturday August 6

Golden sparks from the hissing crackling fire fly skyward. Wishes not granted, dreams not caught; memories of forlorn times; be gone.  
I craved a life which was one step distant. Sometimes reaching out to grasp a taunting hand. Almost, nearly, but ever inches away.
Start again. Begin anew. Make plans; achievable plans. Shout to the future, I’m on my way!
Yesterday is now but a pile of crumbling blackened dust. A gust of wind sends it tumbling off  into the distant past.
I smile. Good times, here I come!

This week's words at Sunday's Whirligig are:- almost, yesterday, sometimes, shout, caught, firefly, long, time, wish, make, good, park



  1. Loved what you did with the firefly! You are so right, never stop making plans.

  2. Fireflies be gone - i think sometimes it's not so bad if wishes and dreams fly away - if we caught them all we may become a little lost

  3. What a delightfully introspective piece! Very nice.