Saturday, July 09, 2016

Sunday's Whirligig

 Posted Saturday July 9

This week’s 12 given words are:-  have, reason, filled, when, room, child, love, irrational, blooms, wild, season, bright

"I’d love to come with you but I can’t right now" He didn’t give me a reason, but the estate agent bore an anxious expression as he handed me the keys to number 8.

Struggling with my umbrella I fought my way down the footpath against the unseasonably wild wind and torrential rain. When I eventually persuaded the key to turn in the rusty lock, I tumbled my way inside. It was dim, gloomy. A rancid musty odour assaulted my senses. I gagged. As I slowly edged my way along the hall a door creaked and opened a fraction as if inviting me to enter. I found myself in a vast room devoid of furniture. Wallpaper hung limply from stained walls and a shattered chandelier lay on the floor. In the stillness, the only sound I heard was my pounding heart and the foul weather taunting me from outside. 

I dragged open a curtain, and as it fell to the floor I was dazzled by bright sunlight. Before me, a cloudless sky and a picture book garden of colourful blooms wrapped around a carpet of manicured grass. On a stone beside a shimmering pond sat a small child, his back turned to me. In his hand, a little fishing rod fashioned from a twisted branch and a length of twine. He slowly turned his head to face me. I can’t describe his eyes. They burned into mine, and I fell backwards writhing with a searing pain.

My phone rang. It startled me. I was sitting in my favourite armchair and I smiled as I realised it had been nothing more than an irrational dream; the agent, the house, the boy. I pressed answer. 

"My colleague went round to the property earlier and found your umbrella on the floor" the caller said. "So, what did you think of number 8?"


  1. It's persuasive, very, very good! I enjoyed it tremendously.

  2. I am very glad the boy wasn't wearing a red scared me enough - but in a good way ;)

  3. A great story Keith but you know how fussy anglers are keeping their fishing spots secret!



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