Sunday, July 10, 2016

Sunday Scribblings 2

Posted Saturday July 9
This week's given word is cunning.

My friend Rosey was rushing to the railway station yesterday when she somehow snagged her flowing cotton skirt on a rose bush and ripped it. Once seated on the train she delved into her voluminous bag and produced a needle and thread. (Rosey has every conceivable misadventure catered for within that bag from a broken finger nail to a punctured tyre!) Just as she started sewing a very fanciable young man plonked himself down in the next seat. Apparently, they got on very well indeed. As we all know Rosey has a habit of becoming attached to beaus on a regular basis, so what happened next came as no surprise to me. The train arrived at its destination and they stood to leave, only to discover that they were indeed attached - literally. Somehow, Rosey had sewn her skirt to his jacket.
Of course, she claims it was accidental, but as we all know she can be a cunning vixen, so I for one am not so sure.

To discover more about My Friend Rosey click HERE!


  1. Well he made the first move by sitting next to her in the first place as all the rest was ordained. Why didn't he sit the goth girl in the next seat up with a tattoo and piercings?

  2. Both cunning and nifty! You go Rosey...I'm sure you have the scissors to hand when he becomes a little dull

  3. I prefer to think the sewing together was no accident!


  4. I like this maneuver. Well done, Rosey!

  5. Lovely....made me smile wide....I love Rosey...