Thursday, March 24, 2016

Three Word Wednesday

Posted Wednesday  March 23

He was scared, so very scared. Never before had he felt such fear. He was running, faster and faster. It was dark, too dark to see, yet he had to run. His life depended on it. Run, run. Don’t look back.

He hurtled between the dense trees, tripping, stumbling, bouncing from one trunk to another. His shoulder throbbed with pain and one arm hung limp and useless.

A quick glance behind, then suddenly the ground below disappeared. With a thump and a splash, he landed in water. For a moment, he froze as the icy stream washed over his aching limbs, and for a moment the pain eased.

Suddenly he became aware of a branch falling towards him. He scrambled to his feet as a massive bow crashed to the very spot where he had rested. Climbing through foliage, and brushing wet leaves from his face, he climbed the bank. Foul water ran from his hair into his eyes. They were stinging. Streaming. Almost blinded. 

Cold. A sudden chill. A bitter breeze swirled around him. He shivered and shook with cold. Then that hollow echoing laugh. A blood-curdling laugh. Firstly before him, then behind. Utter panic set in, Where to go, where to run. Don’t think about it. Just run. Run. He rushed through long grass and dragged himself through thorny bushes. A warm trickle of blood ran down his scratched and torn face.

A clammy hand grabbed him. An unseen slimy hand, which clasped his neck and strangled his cry for help. Somehow he struggled free and clambered on all fours up a slippery bank. Without warning an avalanche of stones and rocks tumbled downward, pummelling his aching body. Then that laugh again.. That mocking, brutal, terrifying chuckle. First in front and then behind.

His mind was suddenly a muddle of images, sounds and mist. A grey mist which filled every part of his trembling body. Suddenly he was swept from his feet then something caught him, enveloped him, and he found himself staring down at the dark forest below.
A feeling of euphoria came over him. A warm glow. A feeling of contentment. A womb- like feeling. He heard a soft voice; it was as smooth as silk. "You are safe now" it said. "No need to run anymore".

His eyes closed and he slept the sleep of an angel. 

It was over at last.

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  1. Dark. I felt it. Excellent post Keith.

  2. That was intense. Very well done :-)

  3. I hope over in a good sense.. as ever i like how you let us decide for ourselves...

  4. one can sleep like an angel only when it is over, never before. nice post

  5. Intense truly is a fitting word. Well done!