Friday, February 19, 2016

Sunday Scribblings 2

Sunday February 21

Our single word at SS2 is Paper

It happens so often. I’m with my mates in the Bicycle Arms and one of us cracks a corny joke. We all groan or sigh or giggle, except that is for my friend Rosey who more often than not adopts a quizzical expression and starts an interrogation.

For example, last Friday I told the assembled few that read a piece in the local paper about a bloke who had a go at swimming across the English Channel from Eastbourne to Deppe. I said that when he was two-thirds of the way there, he became very tired and so he turned back. It received a customary mixed reaction.

   Rosey.   But surely he should have kept going or he would have had to swim further.
   Me.       Rosey, I wasn't being serious.
   Rosey.   Well, you should be. He could have drowned.
   Me.       Rosey, sweetheart, it was a joke.
   Rosey.   A joke? You can't joke about something like that.
   Me.      Rosey, it didn't happen.
   Rosey.  But you said it was in the paper
   Me.     OMG Rosey, I made it up!

There is only way to get Rosey to change direction.

   Me.      Would you like another drink Rosey?
   Rosey.  Oh, yes. A large Chardonnay please.

Subject closed. It works every time!



  1. Sorry, but I still don't think it's something you joke about. End of.

  2. Ha...I thought it was a good joke.Rosey is still upset with you because you killed her fairies:)

  3. That is indeed the way to placate our faithful if not a trifle annoying friends..although i never give alcohol to a minor - only powder and pills - a-hem (and I'm not real anyway)...It's ok Rosey Alice understands...

  4. Very funny. I've known people like that, too, which proves that the best humor is based upon reality.