Thursday, December 10, 2015

gottle 'a gear!

Friday Fictioneers. Thanks once again to Rochelle for hosting.  

He aspired to be a famous ventriloquist and entertain the masses from the stage of the local playhouse. However, his stage was only ever a shopping street where he stood with one hand up a chicken’s bottom, and the other shielding his mouth. 

He did get one career-break though. He was invited to perform on local radio. The presenter had to keep reminding him it was he who had to talk into the microphone, not the chicken!

Recently he was cautioned for inappropriate behaviour after pecking a girl’s bum. He blamed it on the chicken of course, but he didn’t get away with it. So he chucked the chicken. I’ve no idea what he’s doing now.

Picture: luther-siler


  1. Dear Keith,

    Funny...although it doesn't sound like he was much of a ventriloquist.



  2. Poor fellow. ~snicker~ Nice take on the image.

  3. A ventriloquist at a radio show sounds like quite a small break... :-)

  4. Have to agree with Björn on this one!

  5. A ventriloquist at a radio show. Got to love that! This is quite clever, Keith. I think he was ready to be free of the bird gig.

  6. I would imagine it sucks to be a chicken that gets chucked.