Sunday, November 01, 2015


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photo by Elaine Usdin
hosted by Tess Kincaid

My friend Rosey often gets teased about her fashion sense. So has decided to tweak her image a tad. She wants more street cred she told me.

Part of the revised look is to start wearing jeans instead of her customary baggy skirts. Can you believe she’s never owned a pair? ‘A bit common’ she often says.

Anyway, I bumped into her yesterday –literally.  She stepped right in front of me, and several other shoppers as she weaved her way through the mall.  She told me she was taking a pair of jeans back to Marks and Sparks for a refund because they (quote) had holes in them. She sat me down on a bench and pulled them from the carrier bag.

‘Rosey I said, they are distressed jeans, they are meant to.....’

They are distressed?’ she interrupted ‘What about me?’

I said ‘You poor little pudding, I guess it was embarrassing enough having to buy them, but taking them back – you must be mortified

‘It’s not that bad’ she said.  ‘I haven’t exactly died, been put on a marble slab and bunged in a fridge-freezer. Duh!
‘No Rosey’ I chuckled. ‘Mortified as in ....oh never mind’  

I received one of those clever looks that somehow make me feel like I'm the stupid one!

With that she raised her hand to give me a cool high five, completely missed my palm and almost poked me in the eye. Then off she went! 

(Rosey now has her a blog of her own. It's called Rosey Pinkerton and it's RIGHT HERE!)



  1. Ha, I would much prefer Rosey wear jeans than her baggy skirts!

  2. Hilarious-= Poor Rosey! I feel the same way about distressed jeans! Cheers!

  3. this is funny and when i saw the prompt on another post could not think of anything at all except throw the dress down the rabbit hole. she needs to keep those jeans....

  4. Fashion can be very difficult to understand at times!

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  6. Rosey's misadventures are a hoot. Nothing like stepping out of mainstream and being what you are.

  7. Ah.. yes it seems that Rosey should stick to her skirts.. messing with jeans sound to much work..

  8. Marks and Sparks...giggle...I just heard that the other day for the first time...

  9. I like Rosey quirky sense of humour.