Sunday, November 01, 2015

I am ready

From this week’s The Sunday Whirl, I have used the following words.  Weeping, blue, word, fire, vessel, body, veins, bleeding, search, stone. 

I have waited so long for this moment. 

My search is over and now you lie before me on a stone slab, weeping in the glow of a roaring fire.

My knife is poised. I lower it. I draw the silver blade slowly across your moist white skin.  I slice into your bulging bleeding veins.

My body quivers with excitement.

I pour warm crimson liquid into a crystal vessel and break bread.

I am ready.


Blue Dolcelatte cheese, warm focaccia bread and Molino di Grace Chianti Classico 2004. 

Have I died and gone to heaven?

(Rosey Was Distressed, my story for this week's Magpie Tales is HERE!)



  1. Killing the ones you love...but if you didn't they would probably kick up a stink.

  2. Poor Rosey - I can understand her distress...however if heaven is cheese, fancy bread and plonk I'm ready too! A devilish mix of thrill and humour (as always)

  3. good, at times, we must sit, relax, and let the day fly by itself.