Saturday, September 05, 2015

The night

Just a single word at Sunday Scribblings 2. Restless

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I am restless. I leave my bed, throw back the curtains and gaze from the window.

I see a thousand sparkling diamonds scattered across a silky jet black sky. Icy blades of quivering grass glisten in the eerie light of a shimmering silver moon.

The haunting hoot of an owl breaks the silence as I watch a rabbit franticly darting hither and thither on its zig-zag journey. The green eyes of a fox stare straight into mine as it stands motionless, balanced on three legs and seemingly unaware of a passing cat slowly going about its other life.

Eyes heavy, legs leaden, I reluctantly wend my way back to bed for I must sleep. When I awake this magical world will be gone, the theatre of the night replaced by the bustle of the day.



  1. Yes, the night is a magical place just the place to visit...once in a blue moon!

  2. Sometimes Insomnia has its can feel that world is yours alone...that can either be magical as it is here or a little feels like peeking in his bedroom window so I guess he wasn't entirely alone (although he maybe creeped out by this particular voyeur!)

  3. The theatre of the night is a lovely phrase. In fact the whole prose poem was magical.