Sunday, September 06, 2015

One thousand seven hundred and seventy eight!

(My piece for  Sunday's Whirligig can be found HERE) I didn’t have much luck coming up with any ideas for this week’s prompt, so I hope you’ll forgive me for going back to August 23rd  and the Whirl I didn’t have time to complete back then!

The given words were chiselled puzzle dumb foreign wine superior lucid hollow stain winner feckless and luminous.

“We’ll have a bottle of Chardonnay, that’s nineteen” said Howard indicating his choice of bottle on the wine list.

“With respect sir, Chardonnay is six. Number nineteen is Liebfraumilch” 

“Liebfraumilch is twenty-five young man” bellowed Howard.

The wine waiter appeared somewhat confused.

“Excuse my friend,” said George. “We are celebrating Howard becoming this year’s winner of the Scrabble championship. Chardonnay scores nineteen points!”

“Ah, now I understand sir. How about oxyphenbutazone?” asked the wine waiter, a superior look on his face.

“What kind of wine is that?” asked George.

“No sir, oxyphenbutazone is a medication and it scores 1778”

With that, the sommelier shuffled off with a superior look on his face. The customarily lucid Howard was momentarily dumbstruck!

“A bit of a hollow victory though Howard, you only won because Etienne got disqualified for repeatedly using foreign words” chuckled George.

“Be that as it may my friend, the feckless fellow now has a luminous and permanent stain on his falsely gained reputation” said Howard, a satisfied grin on his chiselled face.

The sommelier returned, an open bottle cradled in his white gloved hands.

“Three, eight, five, three, nine, nineteen, twelve” he said as he poured a small amount of wine into Howard’s glass.

“ 'A bottle of our finest Chardonnay gentlemen' if I am not mistaken" said George.



  1. A 'scrabble' brain? *grin*

    1. I have never played Scrabble in my life. A scramble brain more like!

  2. I adore the Scrabble game on my Kindle Fire. It's a comfortable cheat not to mentally tally each score. Fun tale!

    1. Now that sounds eminently sensible. I may just try it as a change from solitaire!

  3. This was very enjoyable to read. I love Scrabble, and I enjoyed these characters innumerably.

  4. I could see your characters and Scrabble was a great game growing up, even though my father always won. He actually read the dictionary for fun...and for advantage, lol,


  5. This was a great tale! I enjoyed.

  6. I could last a few minutes of this then want to hit someone!

  7. Ooh we do love a puzzle although all those numbers and we maybe reaching for a oxyphenbutazone to help with our sore head

  8. I've got a Scrabble scene in my yet-to-be published novel. I love that game - although, for a writer, I'm not that good at it!