Thursday, September 17, 2015

Just desserts!

The given words at this week's Three Word Wednesday are Haphazard  Laboured and Noxious

OK, I admit I'm not the tidiest or most organized person in the kitchen. But to call me  haphazard ....the cheek of it!

That was the day I had laboured and toiled for hours. I created a feast fit for a queen.

Half way through the meal she called my food noxious. How dare she? She said she was only kidding, but it really upset me.
Somehow my ungrateful guest became ill after eating the final course. I wonder why!

I never saw her again,



  1. Those words of hers must have stuck in her throat.

  2. Revenge is indeed best served at pudding - you have to leave room for possibilities after all ;)

  3. That was a just dessert indeed!

  4. Admit it, Keith: It really was noxious. (Wasn't it?)

  5. Ooooooo!!! This is a line I have uttereda few times "beware the poisoned mushrooms". Love It!

  6. Hmmmm reminds me of Clint Eastwood and those mushrooms mentioned above.