Monday, September 21, 2015

I forget

For this week's Magpie Tales, I let my imagination wander to a place I'll hopefully never visit.

photo by Tess Kincaid

What’s today? Monday. No, it must be Friday because we had fish and chips just now. There’s my empty plate. See? That’s right, Friday.

What happened to my memory? I used to take part in quizzes.

I did – didn’t I?

Why oh why is this happening to me? Why? It makes me so ANGRY!

Sorry, sorry, I didn’t mean to shout.

It is as if my mind is trying to stare out through a misted up window. It can make out shapes but not the detail.

I don’t expect you to understand, why should you? 


Who are you, standing there gawping at me?

My daughter? My daughter? No you are not. You’re an imposter. You are just after my money. Go. go. 


Nurse, nurse…..

That’s it, turn on the waterworks and walk away. Go on. Youngsters today. Heaven help us.


Where was I before we were so rudely interrupted? 

My nurse is lovely you know.

What’s her name? Jenny. No, Jacqui. I think. She understands me.

And she has beautiful flowing black hair.

She has a special gift.  How can I explain it?

It’s as if she has a way of wiping away the mist on the glass before my mind, and for a few precious moments my memory returns.

But too soon it steams up again and I forget what I remembered. My head once again becomes a featureless cell with a misted window.


Hey, cheer up. We are going to have fish and chips tonight!  My nurse Jacqui... err, Jenny will be here soon with my tray.

She doesn't understand me, but she has the most beautiful flowing blonde hair.



  1. Oh.. that is a place I never want to be in either.. but I guess the odds are too high to ponder really. Like how you got it out of the picture.

  2. Loved it -- especially on this, national Alzheimer's awareness day... <3

  3. It's frightening! My late MIL was afflicted and it was trying times in the beginning. All needed to see through the openings in the misty glass panels which became misty again in no time. The minders must go through it to appreciate the challenges ahead. .


  4. Amensia, Its scary & sad especially if it happens to someone you love, it frustrates them so much when they forget small things like eating.
    Beautifully written

  5. you have really given a definition to the picture

  6. Sharp and poignant. Well done.

  7. Ouch. I'm with you, I'd like to join you in never going there, if I may...

  8. Fish and chips makes everything alright...

  9. Quite the take on this prompt! Wow!

  10. Oh my, I did rather enjoy your stepping into the unknown with this!

  11. Very powerful piece. I cannot say what I fear more, having a lucid mind trapped in an unmoving body or the opposite. Best wishes!

  12. Frightening! You must know someone going through to be able to show such empathy.