Sunday, August 23, 2015


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Sour grapes!

The given words at The Sunday Whirl are chiseled puzzle dumb foreign wine superior lucid hollow stain winner feckless and luminous. I’ve chiseled out a story using all but one!

“Try this” said George. “Made from my own grapes”

Leonard the landlord of the Buxom Belle studied the cloudy contents of the wine glass with a puzzled expression on his face.

“Far superior to that foreign stuff”

Leonard swirled the luminous liquid round and round.

“Remember 1976 when my home brewed beer was the winner of the best ale award at the village fair?  Well, I’m entering my wine this year”

“As I recall, it was hollow victory” said Leonard “Cost you a fortune to make and it was the only entry apart from Solomon’s, and he cheated”

”Yea, the feckless fool used some from a can!” shouted Walter as he spun around on his bar stool.

Leonard gingerly raised the glass to his lips. Just as he was about to sip it, Fred banged on the bar top. “Service” he yelled. Leonard visibly jumped and sent a slug of Georges wine straight down the front of his pristine white shirt leaving a blood-red stain in its wake. The normally lucid landlord was momentarily struck dumb.

“Fred” George shouted. “Look what you made him do! That wine’s priceless. What a waste!”

After an evening of sampling to mixed reviews, George decided to rethink his plan to set up his own wine business.


  1. Inventive wordling with a very convincing story.

  2. that's interesting, weaving so many prompts in one tickling story.

  3. LOL ... a nice way to start a morning ... with a giggle! Thanks for the story!