Thursday, August 27, 2015


It's time to say farewell to Sunday Scribblings 2. My sincere thanks go to Magical Mystery Teacher for hosting the site. I leave you with a poem and a vignette.

Goodbye my love

Don’t speak
Words will only steal the moment
Your breath
the beating of your heart
says more than words could say

Be still
as my eyes feast on your beauty
Your satin skin
tinted by the sinking sun
is how I will remember you

Watch not
as I melt into the night
All I ask
is for a place in your heart
as you will have in mine.

Let me read it to you - SINGLE click on arrow

Farewell not goodbye

Suddenly the lights of Paris seem less bright. The laughter of moments ago no more. Eyes that sparkled now dampen ashen cheeks.

She leans from the gaping window and clutches his hand. Although close, they feel a million miles apart, separated by the cold steel of the cruel carriage door.

With a menacing roar, the train begins to inch its way down the platform. Slowly at first as if to prolong the agony of these final heart-wrenching moments.

He chokes on his emotion, she sobs and gasps as she tries to speak. But she cannot speak. He runs beside her, holding on to her for as long as he can. Then the path beneath his feet ends. The monster heads out into the night taking away his very reason for living.

Now he stands alone. The platform deserted. Alone with his thoughts. He hears her voice whispering in the chill of the midnight breeze. ‘Goodbye my love’ she said.

He stares out into the darkness as tears of rain begin falling from the sky.

'Adieu mon amour’ he cries ‘Adieu, pas au revoir’


  1. Replies
    1. PS I nominated you for a photo blog hop called Eight Photos of Happiness. You can find information here: and I hope you'll join in the fun!

    2. So kind Darla - I'll take a look right now!

  2. A couple of sad yet romantic pieces for you to bid farewell to Sunday Scribblings 2, Keith. Meanwhile we continue to peddle our wares to all those with eyes to read.

  3. Thank you for reading this (you have a lovely voice!) Yes goodbye, farewell, adieu - it's hard to find the one that feels 'right' - maybe because we suspect each one means the same...on that cheery note farewell to SS2 but here's to many more trips to Paris, love, life and words

  4. Oooooo....This reading was lovely Keith....I really do wish you would write more poems....I know you don't like to but just sayin' anyway.!



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