Thursday, May 21, 2015

My special place

A one hundred words for Friday Fictioneers

You’re sheltering me from the spring rain again. I love sitting here.

In summer, you shade me from the sun. I picnic here don’t I?

As a kid, I climbed you. I fell once and broke my arm, remember?

My first love and I carved our initials in your bark. Look, it’s still there.

In autumn, you’ll roll out a golden carpet and in winter you’ll stand naked and proud you old show off! 

But unlike me you’ll be reborn. 

You were there for those before me; you’ll be there for those that follow.

But today it’s me you shelter.

OK, so it's a picture of a bush, not a tree. Let's call it artistic license!

Photo credit: Santoshwriter


  1. Dear Keith,

    You need not apologize for what you saw. Who cares if the picture's a bush? We're all about artistic license here. I used it as a cotton plant and I know for certain it's not that.
    Lovely story.



  2. The tree.. no wonder the strong connection to family.. it could be a metaphor that extend beyond the obvious...

  3. I love your special place. Wish I had one when I was a child. Maybe I had but forgotten.


  4. I like it. And for all I could tell, those leaves are from a tree. :) Lovely piece.

  5. I like the artistic license :) and the rest, too.

  6. I like the artistic license :) and the rest, too.

  7. Reminds me of The Giving Tree. Good work

  8. You described it so well; I was thinking big tree with lots of branches for shade. I too want to sit under it.

    Nicely done!


  9. Shrubs can grow quite tall and do all you suggest in your piece, which I loved. :)

  10. i like the sentiments expressed in this story. it leaves me with a great feeling.

  11. Artistic license is fine when the story is. ;) Tay

  12. It reminds me of a weeping willow that once graced my grandmother's property. Although I didn't climb or carve, it sheltered me and my inventive imagination.
    Throughly enjoyed the imagery.

  13. Trees teach us about time, and how our own perception isn't all that is there. A beautiful story, I love it.