Wednesday, May 20, 2015

The Darkness

I wrote this murky tale for 3 Word Wednesday in about three minutes flat so please forgive me for any errors!

This week's given words are jagged, intimate and thirst. I'm not sure where it came from but here goes! 

She could have been dreaming; maybe she was who knows?

Where was she? What was she was doing in this murky room? 

A cloaked figure, maybe a man drifted towards her from the shadows. Did she know him? She wasn't sure, but as he approached she was overcome by a feeling of warmth and eager anticipation.

He came to within inches of her; she felt the warmth of his breath on  her cheeks as his eyes peered deep inside her. 

At once she was overwhelmed by a thirst for him, to be intimate, to be carried away to another place. They embraced, they kissed and she was in paradise. Then suddenly his tongue became as a jagged blade savagely attacking her. The pain was too much to bear. She pulled herself away; her eyes screwed closed fearing what she might see. He put up no resistance, simply sighed. She sensed a warm trickle of blood running from her lips. 

When she dared to look she found herself in the semi-darkness of her precious boudoir surrounded by all the things she loved. So it must have been a dream.

But in the mirror, she could just make out traces of blood on her face, and behind her in the shadows, a cloaked figure leaning against the wall.


  1. It's amazing how your life can change in three minutes...give Alice a whiff of cup cake topping and she becomes vampiric too

  2. Okay, I really have chills. No kidding. That's fantastic for a three minute effort! I'm in awe.

  3. The unearthly is always good for a grisly tale. Maybe it will be better next time...for her that is!

  4. I find myself looking forward to reading the next post, even if they are creepy like this! You have a talent for telling a story in such few words...amazing!